Licence 4 Life is one of the curriculum initiatives available to young people under the Queensland Certificate of Education. It is a Structured Community-based Learning Program available to young people in educational and community settings (including boarding schools). These Programs add value to school studies, deliver lifelong learning skills and enable young people to engage with community and contribute to community capacity building.

The Licence 4 Life program targets Indigenous youth, particularly those from rural and remote areas and provides them with an opportunity to obtain their Learner Licence as well as teaching them awareness and understanding of the broad context of driver education and road safety.

The program consists of three courses. Level 1 focuses on developing a positive self-identity and awareness of responsible citizenship within the context of pre-driver education, career and future pathways planning. Level 2 focuses on responsible citizenship within the context of driver education and future pathways planning and Level 3 focuses on community capacity building through future pathways and working with government within the context of driver education and gaining licences for other life contexts. Attaining a Learner Licence is a key outcome of Level 2.

Licence 4 Life was developed collaboratively by Townsville Catholic Education, Queensland Transport and representatives from Townsville diocesan boarding schools with funding support from DEEWR.  It has been registered with the Queensland Studies Authority ( and contributes 4 credit points to a student's Queensland Certificate of Education. Consultation and cooperation with community and government organisations is essential to the program and flexible delivery is encouraged.

Schools and community organisations that are interested in offering the Licence 4 Life program to their young people should contact:  Jennifer Wills (

Facilitators need to complete a self-paced facilitator training and register with Townsville Catholic Education. Training packages are available @ $50 per package. (Note that training packages are available free of charge to Townsville Diocesan schools and colleges).