Jump It Program

Jump It - Indigenous Positive Post School Pathways Program

Over the past 40 years Indigenous outcomes in health, education, and employment have not improved at the same rate of non-Indigenous Australians.  The Indigenous population is significantly underrepresented in the University and Employment system.  Increasing educational attainment levels has been identified as offering the most promise in increasing Indigenous employment.  There is clear evidence that as the level of educational attainment increases for Indigenous people, employment increases and more closely matches the rates of non-Indigenous people.

Cognisant of these challenges, the Townsville Catholic Education Office have developed the "Jump It - Indigenous Positive Post School Pathways Program" (henceforth "Jump It") which aims to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education and transition to higher education and employment from grassroots levels.

The "Jump It" program is designed to facilitate a process that enables Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to be provided with a supported pathway into further tertiary education, training and/or employment. "Jump It" is working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from years 9-12.

Through the program, students will be individually case managed and provided with links to training and/or employment opportunities to support them in gaining a genuine positive post-school destination.

Unique to the "Jump It" program is a 6 months of individual case management support for students that have completed year 12.

The "Jump It" program will focus on the following key areas:

1. Career Planning - Work Activity Plan (WAP)

2. Secondary School Pathways

3. Stakeholder Input (PACTS)

4. Tertiary Education, Training and Employment