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The Role of the Catholic School

The Catholic School needs to be a living faith community whose members operate in a constructive partnership. It should be a place where Gospel values operate and Church teachings are reflected in its policies, its practices and in the positive relationships of all the community members. Truth, trust and shared wisdom are important hallmarks of the authentic Catholic school.

Bishop Tim Harris (2018)

The Catholic Church document, The Catholic School on the Threshold  of the 3rd Millennium refers to the Catholic school as being at the heart of the Church's mission. A challenge facing Catholic education is to recognise and state the conditions necessary for it to fulfil its mission today.

The Catholic school is a community with the task of teaching the message of truth, proclaiming our mutual faith in Jesus Christ and our shared inner life of the spirit, building the community and critiquing and transforming society.

Our staff are called to develop a Christian community united in faith, prayer and service.

The Gospel values are essential to the life of a Catholic school, which provide the environment for both the learning process, and the love of learning.

The Congregation for Catholic Education , Rome (1988) stated that:

'The Catholic school has a clear identity , not only as a presence of the church in society, but.... as a genuine and proper instrument of the church. It is a place of evangelisation, of authentic apostolic and pastoral action.”

Our Catholic schools promote inclusiveness to ensure our schools remain accessible to all. No child is refused a Catholic education due to financial inability or difficulty.

Life Long Learning

Catholic Education is a life long process that fosters the development of the whole person.

For many people in Australia, the Catholic school is their main contact with the Catholic Church. The Catholic school often provides a point of introduction or re-entry into the community of faith, worship and service of the church.

This is particularly evident in times when the ultimate questions of life, death, faith and God are confronted.

All in Catholic schools are responsible for creating a just and peaceful society. Education and action for justice and peace are integral to the life of the Catholic school.

All people are continually called to grow in faith and love united with others as a community of disciples, and to come to a love of God and all creation.