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Why Work for Us?

When are you at your best?

Are you looking for a career that offers:

  • adventure and diversity,
  • a strong sense of community,  and
  • a smorgasbord professional development?

Townsville Catholic Education have all of the above.

If you’ve got the ambition and motivation to do your best to produce excellent outcomes for our students, then we have the opportunity for you discover what your best looks like.

Diversity of Environments

With a network of 29 schools including primary, secondary, prep to year 12 and boarding colleges, there’s plenty of room for to you stretch and grow your career options with the broad and distinct range of school communities, landscapes and lifestyle opportunities that go hand in hand with the Townsville Catholic Diocese. No matter who you are or what you like there’s so much to choose from: beach or bush, coastal or remote, Indigenous communities, boarding communities, small schools, large schools, there’s a diverse range of opportunity to suit everyone.

Careers enhanced

Townsville Catholic Education opens up a world of opportunity you won’t find just anywhere. Early permanency, supportive mentors, fast tracked leadership pathways, opportunities for professional development, and outstanding resources and facilities will set you up for success. As the second largest system of schools in Queensland not only can we offer our employees excellent wages in parity with our state school colleagues, but exciting incentives such as remote area incentives, salary packaging and sacrificing options, corporate health insurance, and generous scholarship programs for further study. The diversity of our regions, communities and lifestyles ensures an ongoing pipeline of exciting and varied prospects for you to broaden your craft and career. 

Communities Valuing Teachers

Feel a stronger sense of community from day one with our Catholic School difference. Become part of the community where you live and work, where engaged learning and community support ensure our teachers feel valued, respected and able to have the greatest impact on student learning. Whether you choose a coastal, rural or remote community to call home, you can have the peace of mind and confidence knowing the Townsville Catholic Education community will be a backbone of support, knowledge and advice whenever you need it.

Creativity in Teaching

From day one you’ll see just how much we value your perspectives and unique approaches to finding the best solutions for your students. Townsville Catholic Education allows our teachers the freedom to be creative and innovative in finding the most effective ways to the best learning outcomes. Be inspired by our diverse communities and collaborative teaching culture, where new ideas and initiatives are not just encouraged, but expected.

Adventure in the Regions

Each diverse region offers its own unique recipe for exploration, sports, activities, events and fun. Broaden your perspective, step outside your comfort-zone, foster your resilience and build lifelong connections along the way. Uncover unique and beautiful coastal, rural and indigenous communities just waiting to be explored. With Townsville Catholic Education, you can discover how you can not only teach at your best, but find new adventures and live your best healthy and active lifestyle as well.