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Please refer below for a number of links to Townsville Catholic Education Office Copyright documentation. These documents are designed to support schools in the implementation of procedures that will assist the school and its staff to meet their Copyright Compliance obligations. Additional  fact sheets about Copyright issues can be downloaded from the Smartcopying website.

Remembering the five Ls can also help schools to manage the risks and costs associated with using other people's content:

  1. Look for Open Education Resources and use those as much as possible.
  2. Link instead of copying whenever this is an option.
  3. Limit the amount copies to what is actually needed for educational purposes.
  4. Label the content with the details of its author, owner, source and the basis on which you are copying it.
  5. Later delete or archive the content once you no longer require it for educational purposes. (Flushing)

Laminated copies of the Part VB Hardcopy and Part VA Audiovisual Warning Notices can be obtained from Townsville Catholic Education Office. For further information please contact Kim Smith -

Copyright Information for Schools  

Smartcopying: The Official Guide to Copyright for Australian Schools - Created and hosted by the National Copyright Unit, it contains:

  • The National Copyright Guidelines
  • Practical information sheets and FAQS on hot topics like using YouTube, iTunes, podcasts, format shifting and more
  • Interactive audio visual resources for teaching copyright in the classroom
  • Practical information on Open Education, Free for Education and Creative Commons resources, including an extensive database of CC websites.

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