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Are you a 'Someday Greenie'?

26th June 2019

Are you a 'Someday Greenie'? 

Ever thought about getting involved in initiatives that improve the future for our environment? Or even may just improve your hip pocket? But the whole concept has become so big you don’t even know where to start?

This has been me completely until I started my role as Principal at St Benedict’s Catholic School, Shaw and made a commitment, along with our community, to embrace the concept of being a Green Star school and embed a whole school approach to learn about the environment and about the choices we can make to care for Creation.

Some of the ways we are staying ‘green’ at our school include: 

  • Students setting up a recycling system for waste- paper and cardboard, compost and scraps for chickens. 
  • Students have designed and had a chicken coop built and a fishpond (billabong) and are responsible for caring for the fish and chickens, as well as collecting the eggs. 
  • Our students have planted trees, shrubs and vegetable gardens and are learning to take care of these. 
  • Our older students are exploring bigger picture environmental concerns like water and energy consumption as well as campaigning for waste reduction. 

These are not extra curricular activities done by student clubs or committees but projects built into every class curriculum program. Hands-on, real life learning at its best.

Our students and our school have inspired me, a self proclaimed ‘Someday Greenie’ to get on board and become an actual ‘Greenie’. 

Here are some practical tips to make your home eco-friendly: 

  • Install energy efficient light bulbs
  • Install solar panels
  • Embrace natural cleaning products
  • Create your own compost bin
  • Buy recycled products
  • Invest in eco-friendly technology
  • Try to cut out plastic where possible
  • Grow your own veggies
  • Insulate your home
  • Recycle everything

I have found, that just like here at school, the key is to get the kids involved, make it a whole family project. Start small and build onto the one project and see where it goes. Our kids are so engaged with what is happening in the world around them and they want to contribute to making the world a better place. More importantly, they want to do it now and they can...just make a start- anywhere


About Penny Collins

Penny Collins is the Principal at St Benedict’s Catholic School, Shaw. The school has a 6  Green Star Rating with Green Building Council of Australia. Penny has worked in education for 16 years and in school leadership for 13 of those years both in the Townsville Diocese and the Rockhampton Diocese. She has a major interest in engaging kids in hands-on learning experiences.

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