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Second Nature - Education for Sustainability
Second Nature is a non-profit organisation that assists colleges and universities in expanding their efforts to make environmentally sustainable and just action a fundamental component of learning and practice.

The International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
This site puts you at the heart of a global network of practitioners, academics and legislators working on sustainable development in higher education. 

World Class Research and Education in Atmospheric and Sustainability Issues
This site provides an Encyclopaedia, Research and Consultation as well as many other services to assist in education on atmospheric and sustainability issues. 

The Sustainability Education Centre
The official homepage of the Sustainability Education Centre of the American Forum for Global Education.  It was created in 1995 in response to the growing need for educational materials and professional development focused on sustainability.

Curriculum Leadership 2:21 Environmental Education for a Sustainable Future : formal schooling

Environmental Education Network
The Environmental Education Network (E.E.N.) is a collaborative effort among educators, the EnviroLink Network and the environmental community to bring environmental education on-line and into a multimedia format.  The E.E.N. will act as the clearing house for all environmental education information, materials and ideas on the Internet.  Includes separate resources for teachers and students. 


Educating for a Sustainable Future - A National Education Statement for Australian Schools
Educating for a Sustainable Future provides a nationally agreed description of the nature and purpose of environmental education for sustainability through all years of schooling, including a vision and a framework for its implementation.  It is intended for teachers, schools and their communities, education systems and developers of curriculum materials.  It is also intended as a companion to existing State and Territory policies and programmes and does not replace them. 

Curriculum Leadership 2:21 Environmental Education in Western Australia
In Western Australia, environmental issues are highlighted in the curriculum, and a range of schools showcase effective programmes for environmental reclamation and management which also addresses Environmental Responsibility and Ecological Sustainability.  Churchlands Senior High School programme ‘Trees for Survival' - recognised by the United Nations as the best school-based environmental project in Australia.  Wembley Primary School - native gardens in the school grounds.  Beachlands Primary School developed a board game ‘Sunset Over the Catchment'.  Kinross College has been invoved in a project that is part of the city's Adopt a Coastline program. Work involves dune rehabilitation, infrastructure upgrades and a general clean up of the Iluka coastal reserve. Students with artistic talent have also been seconded to paint murals depicting sunrise, sunset and the coastal environment on the walls of the three picnic shelters.