1.     What are the requirements to apply for employment as a teacher with Townsville Catholic Education?

You must be registered or eligible for registration with the Queensland College of Teachers. Other requirements are detailed in the application package, which may be accessed from the Employment section of our website.

2.    As a teacher, do I need to have particular qualifications to teach Religious Education in a Catholic School?

In order to teach Religious Education in a Catholic school, teachers need to be accredited to Teach Religion. To gain this accreditation teachers are required to complete the equivalent of four semester units of study in areas of theology, spirituality, Catholic education or religious education. Teachers are usually given provisional accreditation to teach Religious Education provided they undertake to gain full accreditation within five years of being appointed. Further information can be found under Teacher Accreditation.

3.    How do I register my name with schools as a teacher looking for employment?

All applications must be submitted online via Townsville Catholic Education Office Careers Online Service.

4.    How long after submitting my application for teacher employment will I receive notification of being registered with Townsville Catholic Education?

This takes approximately 5 to 10 working days.

5.    How do I find out which schools have teaching positions available?

Vacancies in the Primary Schools are handled by Townsville Catholic Education Office and are filled from a list of potential employees we hold. Principals have access to this list and, when a vacancy arises, will usually interview several teachers from this list before making an appointment. Teachers' names are placed on the list after they have satisfactorily completed an interview with an Education Consultant or other senior representative/s of Townsville Catholic Education Office. Teachers may approach individual Principals and advise them of their availability for work but still must go through the interview/listing process with Townsville Catholic Education Office before a Principal may offer them a position. Where necessary interviews with Townsville Catholic Education Office personnel and even with Principals may take place by telephone.

Vacancies in the Secondary Schools are advertised on the Townsville Catholic Education website as well as in the Townsville Bulletin or sometimes the Brisbane Courier Mail. These positions are handled by the individual schools.

6.    Do I need to be accredited if I only want to do a few days supply teaching every so often?

No, not if you work as a supply teacher only. That is, you are employed on an intermittent basis to relieve a teacher absent from work or to meet a short term staffing need.

7.    What is the mailing address that I send any outstanding documentation for my application to:

Email: recruitment@tsv.catholic.edu.au


Employment Services Officer
Catholic Education Office
PO Box 861

8.    What do I need to do so as to be available to work as a Supply Teacher in the Townsville Diocese?

You will need to complete an online Application (available on our Careers Website) and you will be prompted to attach scanned copies of your qualification and supporting documentation.  We have a database which is distributed to all schools within our Diocese, which lists your preferences and availability for work as indicated on your application form. When the schools are looking for casual teachers they will only recruit from this list, as this ensures that all the relevant documentation has been received by us.

9.    Must I only select one option of Preferred Region or Type of Appointment on the application form?

No, you may tick one, several, or all options depending on your individual preference. This applies to all of these areas; eg: you may choose Full time, Part time, Contract and Supply if you wish. Also, you are able to tick all locations for work or simply one or two.

10.    If I do not yet have my Qld College of Teachers' Registration am I still able to register with you?

When completing the form, if you simply put ‘Pending' next to the question and forward a copy of your card as soon as you receive it. If you have a copy of your receipt you can also forward this with your application, as it will have your registration no. on it.

11.    I have not completed Student Protection Training in Queensland may I still apply?

It is a requirement for all of our staff to have completed the Long Course Student Protection Training. Short course training of 1.5 hours will suffice in the first instance. You are still able to apply for positions without this, but will have to undertake this training before you can start work. We can organise this through our office.

12.    Do I need to re-apply for full time employment after having only applied for supply?

There is no need to re-apply. If you have not indicated full-time work on your application you will have to contact us to change your preference or alternatively you can just simply send us through a short note attaching any Statements of Service that you may not have previously supplied indicating your change of preference.

13.    May I send my application to be included in the Staffing process if I have not got all of my documentation eg. Qld College of Teacher Registration certificate, teaching degree?

You can still forward your application with whatever information you do have, just indicate that your teacher registration or degree is pending, and when you receive it you just need to forward onto us to complete your application.

14.    Do I need to be already living in the region to be considered for a position?


15.    Do I have to register for teaching in Queensland if I have registration in another Australian state or in another country?

If you intend moving to Queensland it would be advisable to apply for registration with the Queensland College of Teachers as this is a requirement of employment. Some states have mutual recognition and the actual registration should not take too long to be processed in those instances.

16.    Can I submit an application after the closing date?

We will accept applications after the closing date, but you will not be guaranteed an interview.

17.    Do I need to submit my S rating obtained from Ed Qld?

No, it is not necessary but you are welcome to add it to your application.

18.    What if I am interested in part-time teaching?

When you are completing your application form you need to indicate that you wish to apply for part-time employment. This information is recorded in the database and when schools are looking for staff they sort on those preferences. All part-time positions are handled by the schools themselves.

19.    Are there incentives when teaching in remote areas?

Yes, we do offer incentives such as remote area payments, reduced rental, assistance with relocation costs, and in some instances accelerated long service leave, enhanced superannuation and return airfares and accommodation. Variations occur depending on the length of service in remote areas.

20.    Do I have to be a Catholic to teach in a Catholic School in the Townsville Diocese?

It is important to TCEO that the Catholic identity and ‘ethos' of each school is maintained. This is assisted by having as many committed Catholics as possible on the staff. However, people who are not Catholics but who would feel at home in a Catholic school environment and who would support the school's ethos by word and deed are welcome to apply for positions. Importantly, all staff members, Catholic or not, are required to sign an acceptance of Townsville Catholic Education Office's "Statement of Principles for Employment in Catholic Schools" and its "Contractual Principles" (in Application Package). Current legislation allows Catholic educational employers to consider applicants' religions in deciding whether or not to offer them a position without contravening anti-discrimination laws.