Supply Teaching

To register for employment with Townsville Catholic Education, please lodge your details through our Careers Online Service. 

When we receive your employment application, our staff will check all required documents are attached and valid. You will then be added to the Townsville Catholic Education Supply List.

All documents will be registered on your personal file. We will then provide authorisation for you to contact the Principals of the schools in the area in which you would prefer to teach. You should arrange to have an interview with the Principal, to enable you to state any teaching preferences (days available, times, year levels etc). A list of the schools in the Townsville diocese will be provided for your convenience.

The Supply List is made available online to all Principals within the Townsville Diocese. The database is updated frequently and upon any advice received from you. It contains current information such as your address, telephone number, the year levels you would prefer to teach, the areas/regions your are prepared to teach in/travel to, contracts you are doing, and any other details such as specific days you may be available for supply teaching.

Your application for employment will be kept active until December of each year. We will write to you at the end of each year to confirm your interest in being on the supply list. We will also request updated contact details, preferences and Queensland College of Teacher registration. You will also be contacted in August of each year to provide you with an option to be considered for vacancies in the following years staffing process.

Whilst Principals usually access our database for employment of teaching staff, many secondary Principals elect to advertise teaching vacancies. The principal is responsible for the advertising of vacant positions, the interviewing of applicants, and the selection of the teacher best suited to the particular needs of the school.

Please Note: If any documentation is missing or out of date, you will receive a letter advising so, stating the documents still required. Please return outstanding information as soon as possible to avoid any delays in approval for Supply teaching. You will not be added to the supply list or approved to approach schools for work until the required documentation has been received.

 For further information please contact Staff Services, 4773 0946 or