Senior Leadership


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Vacancies for senior positions in our Diocese are generally advertised on-line and in the Saturday edition of The Australian and other newspapers.

 Copies of the advertisement are also sent to all schools within the Townsville Diocese and to every Catholic Education Office throughout Australia. 

Website:   Phone: (07) 4773 0946
Email:  Fax: (07) 4773 0940

Our website contains the information portfolio for each vacancy. This material in the information portfolio will vary depending on the nature of the position but generally includes:

  • A copy of the advertisement
  • A role description and selection criteria for the position
  • Conditions of service (if appropriate)
  • Application form and guidelines for preparing an application
  • An outline of aspects of the Catholic schooling system in the diocese
  • School/parish profiles
  • A Reflection Document (if appropriate)
  • Referee report form and instructions
  • Child protection and privacy legislation

The application should include the following:

  • A standard application form must be completed online through our Careers On-line Service.
  • A statement addressing the selection criteria.
  • Work, home and mobile phone numbers mobile and email. Home and work addresses should also be included.
  • Professional qualifications. Copies of degrees, accreditations, diplomas, certificates must be certified by a Justice of the Peace that the original has been sighted. In no case should originals of such documents be included.
  • A list of at least three referees with names, addresses and phone numbers. The list must include the present employer (or a representative of that employer) and the parish priest in the applicant's place of residence. Copies of written references should be forwarded only if they are dated within the past five years.

 The application may include the following:

  • A covering letter generally of not more than one page, nominating the position/s applied for. The applicant's name and address should be shown at the top of this page.
  • A curriculum vitae giving all relevant personal and professional details, service record, qualifications, experience, special talents and interests. This should be presented in some detail but a brief summary of the information is also useful.
  • A philosophy statement incorporating comment on your approach to the specific leadership role.
  • A copy of any appraisal or assessment reports you have had within the past five years. Self evaluation documents are also useful.

 Referees’ Reports

Three referee reports are required, from Religious Representative (Parish Priest), current employer and colleague. Preferably, these reports will be from the same people listed as referees in the application. These should arrive from each referee in the stamped, self addressed envelope provided. They will then be added to the application.

 Internal applicants should not request material to be extracted from their files and added to an application. It should be a "stand-alone" document. An exception to this guideline would be where a full application is submitted for a position and the applicant wishes to apply for another position later in the same year. In this case, the applicant could ask for the documentation submitted with the initial application to be attached to the later one.

 Closing Date

Applications should be lodged as soon as possible. Applicants are urged not to wait until the last minute before lodging their material. In circumstances where a person's full application cannot reach TCEO by the closing date deadline then a brief letter of application should be faxed or emailed no later than 5.00pm on the advertised closing date.