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The Catholic diocese of Townsville extends north to Ingham, south to Proserpine, west to Mount Isa and includes Palm Island.
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Our region at a glance

Regional centre populations (Based on 2011 Census figures) 

Town/shire Population Town/shire Population
Burdekin Shire (Ayr/Home Hill) 17,780 Mount Isa 22,700
Bowen  10,260 Palm Island 2,250
Charter Towers  8,230 Townsville 171,000
Collinsville  1,500 Whitsundays Shire (Proserpine) 21,500
Ingham  4,760 Winton 1,000
Hughenden  1,150    



  • The region experiences a dry tropical climate with more than 300 days of sunshine each year.
  • Average summer daytime temperature is around 30°C and average winter daytime temperature is around 25°C. (Townsville only)
  • Average annual rainfall for Townsville is 1102mm.

Geographical Location

  • Townsville is located on the North Queensland coast, surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef, islands, rainforest and outback.
  • Driving distances from Townsville, to all towns with Catholic schools:
Heading South   Heading West  
Townsville to Ayr 87km                             Townsville to Charters Towers 135km
Townsville to Home Hill 97km Townsville to Hughenden 381km
Townsville to Bowen 200km Townsville to Winton 597km
Townsville to Proserpine 261km Townsville to Cloncurry 782km
Townsville to Collinsville 275km Townsville to Mount Isa 902km
Heading North      
Townsville to Ingham 111km    
Townsville to Halifax 128km    
Townsville to Abergowrie 151km    


Catholic Education

There are 30 Catholic schools, five Catholic kindergartens and six Catholic early learning centres (child care) in the Diocese, serving more than 13,500 students.


With a strong vision for the future, diversity and balance underpin the economy of the Townsville North Queensland Region. No single sector contributes more than 12.3% to the Region, ensuring economic stability. Over the last decade, Townsville has more than doubled its Gross Regional Product (GRP) to an estimated $11.426 billion.

Townsville is the Northern centre for:

  • Manufacturing and mining (Sun Metals - Zinc; Xstrata - Copper; QNI - Nickel)
  • Government administration and defence
  • Port of Townsville
  • Marine Science (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority; Australian Institute of Marine Science; Reef CRC; CSIO; James Cook University)
  • Education
  • Sugar, bananas, cattle, sheep and mining make up the major industries of the greater diocesan area.

Real Estate

  • The property market is very robust with considerable annual growth in the price of houses, units and commercial property.
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Sports, Arts and Entertainment