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Hear what International Women's Day means to our senior students

9 March 2023 | Posted in Learning and Teaching

Hear what International Women's Day means to our senior students

At Townsville Catholic Education, we #EmbraceEquity every day.

Hear from four of our Townsville secondary students on what International Women's Day means to them. 

As this year’s International Women’s Day theme is #EmbraceEquity, it is important to address an issue which has been stigmatised due to centuries of misunderstanding: menstrual health. It is more of an issue than just a monthly cycle, many women who menstruate have to combat other conditions such as anaemia as a result. In Australia and worldwide, we should be taking cues from countries such as Spain, who have implemented legislation in regards to menstruation leave, and create systems to support women throughout their experiences. This would allow for equity - that all have the opportunity to take time when they are not well, including when periods are involved, rather than listen to those who say ‘it can't be that bad’. It is vital that as a society, we try to understand the needs of others, rather than dismissing them so that we can #EmbraceEquity.
Charlotte Bulat
Year 12
Southern Cross Catholic College

In 2023, International Women's Day has called for us to embrace equity in our everyday lives. As a young woman about to leave highschool there is a mix of attitudes and opinions on what careers women should consider. For example, there are still those who consider studying Engineering at university to be the domain of men. I am told I will be entering a misogynistic environment and I will
have to cope with that. Why is that acceptable? It’s time for change! 

Alyssandra Higgins
Year 12
Ryan Catholic College

As a young male in today’s society, I believe that the equitable and respectful treatment of all genders is of utmost importance for everyone. No one should ever feel discouraged from chasing their dreams, male or female, no matter how wild! In 2023, men and women should embrace equity by standing up to gender stereotypes and removing the stigma around outdated ideas about gender impacting career choices.

Edan Cann
Year 12
Ryan Catholic College

Equity and equality, two words that are used interchangeably. We often discuss equality as being the answer to imbalance, providing all people with the same, cookie cutter solution, because that is what is deemed fair. We often overlook those who don’t benefit from equality, because it is difficult to understand why equal distribution is not the answer. We wonder why we see women struggling,
because how could gender equality not be the answer? By striving for gender equality, we immediately disregard the individual needs of so many. Gender equality implies that we are all one and the same, in need of the same support, the same resources and empathy. It implies that diversity and differences do not exist, when in reality, this could not be further from the truth. Around the world, women live vastly different lives, and no two women are in need of equal support.

We need to shift our mindset towards gender equity, rather than equality, so we can create opportunities for all women to be able to not just succeed, but thrive. #EmbracingEquity means embracing diversity, celebrating individuality and all things that make us unique. It is realising that we have differences, and these differences should be recognised and addressed. Women, as a group, are diverse in so many intricate ways, and supporting the needs of some women will not support the needs of all. It is so important that we celebrate diversity and individuality, a feat which cannot be achieved through gender equality alone, but also through gender equity. Gender equity
takes patience, not just hearing the needs of women, but through listening and showing empathy. It is our responsibility, as young people creating the future, to realise this, and strive for what is essential to our world.

Laura Richardson
Year 12 student
St Margaret Mary’s College

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