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Information Communication Technology

Information technology continues to be a key component in supporting our teachers, students, school and system leaders, and staff in schools and offices. Consequently, technology has become more pervasive and plays an ever-increasing role in the daily lives of those in our community, both on and off school grounds. Technology supports the demands of the academic environment, the needs of our administration, the learning and quality of life of our students and the well-being and safety of our entire community.

Technology makes it possible for every classroom to be a resource-rich environment. All teachers and students have a Google Workspace for Education Plus account. Education Plus is the ultimate Google Workspace for Education edition. Townsville Catholic Education empowers educators to do their best work with tools that allow them to connect and engage learners from anywhere.

Google Workspace Education Plus gives premium access to Google Classroom, where educators can create engaging learning experiences for students to enhance their impact and prepare them for the future. Google Workspace also provides email accounts to all students and staff, an extranet to collect files and resources from home, a suite of tools to create online, and filtered access to the internet.

Access To Devices
iPads, Chromebooks, and Laptops in students' and teachers' hands mean technology can be embedded in all learning areas, and learning online is possible at all times. Some Colleges and High Schools allow students to Bring Their Own Devices (BYOD). All teachers are provided with a laptop computer and a range of software licenses to empower and enable them to complete the tasks for their work efficiently. 

Technology aligns with curriculum objectives, emphasising using technology to learn rather than learning to use technology.

Our Information Technology & Services Team is dedicated to supporting Information and Communications Technology. Their commitment ensures that our educational community feels reassured and secure in their technological endeavours.