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Information Communication Technology

Providing a rich E-Learning environment

ICTTechnology makes it possible to make every classroom a resource rich environment. All teachers and students have a secure, private Google Apps account. This E-Learning portal delivers email to all students and staff, an extranet to collect files and resources from home, a suite of tools with which to create on-line, and filtered access to mail and internet.

It also provides a range of subscriptions including

  • Britannica Online Student Edition and E-Stax ebooks
  • eLibrary Australasia
  • Enhance TV Direct
  • The Language Market
  • Liturgy Planning
  • The Religious Education Database, and
  • Destiny Library Management System

It gives staff and students a rich array of resources at their fingertips and available from anywhere and at any time.

Access To Devices

Laptops, IPADS and Chromebooks in student and teacher hands means teachers no longer need to book labs for computer access. 

Data Projectors in all classrooms support teachers to plan an deliver content and learning experiences electronically.

New wireless technology in all classrooms means every student can be connected simultaneously.

State of the art fibre- delivered internet access to all schools, means students have the best available technology to work in the "cloud". That means 24/7 access to their work and to resources distributed by the school. 

As has been the case in the past, technology use will need to align explicitly with syllabus objectives and the emphasis will be on the use of technology to learn rather than learning to use technology. 

The ICT department of Townsville Catholic Education provides services to all Catholic schools, Child Care centres, the Diocesan office and Parish offices. Our aim is to deliver quality learning environments where learning can flourish and the ongoing development of Catholic education is promoted.