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Diocesan Education Council

The role of the Diocesan Education Council (DEC) is to assist the Bishop
in formulating the Townsville Diocesan Catholic Education vision and identity.

Every person is free, unique, and of immeasurable worth. Therefore, the educational needs of each person and group, particularly those on the margins of or estranged from society, are recognized and addressed.

Catholic Education, therefore:

a) Brings together culture and faith, faith and life.
b) Prepares people to participate in the life of the Church and especially to celebrate the liturgy and sacraments.
c) Builds united communities based on caring relationships, cooperation and shared faith.
d) Promotes excellence in all its works through the quality and training of personnel, and the planning and integration of all its programs.
e) Promotes unity among Christians, and a commitment by them to live out the mission of Christ in the world, especially by working for justice and peace for all people.

Source: DEC Constitution 

The DEC makes and monitors educational policies so that they are consistent with the Diocesan Mission Statement. Members are appointed by the Bishop and drawn from Catholics within the Diocese. They do not represent any one group in its representation. Bishop Tim Harris, Bishop of the Diocese of Townsville, is the president of the DEC.  The Executive Director of the Catholic Education Office, Jacqui Francis, is the Executive Secretary and Len Horner is Chair. Meetings are held each month at the Catholic Education Office in Townsville or at schools within the Diocese. The DEC is affiliated with the Queensland Catholic Education Commission.

Bishop Tim Harris is the sixth Bishop of Townsville, appointed by Pope Francis in February 2017. He was ordained a priest on 18th November 1992 and served as parish priest of Corinda Graceville and Surfers Paradise.  Bishop Harris has served in various offices as Vicar Forane of the Brisbane West Deanery, member of the Council of Priests, the Personnel Board and the Clergy Appointments Board and until his appointment as bishop, he held the office of Vicar Forane for the South Coast Deanery of the Archdiocese of Brisbane. He obtained the degree Bachelor of Theology from the Brisbane College of Theology.

Ron Pugh (Chair) Ron’s involvement with the Catholic Education sector spans 32 years as a parent, Board member and Board Chair. Ron has now retired from a Human Resources and Senior Management background with many years’ experience in the Public Sector. He was appointed to the Townsville Diocesan Education Council in 2020 and appointed as the Chair from 2021. Ron has a particular interest in how Catholic education maintains its identity, mission and values whilst at the same time developing and maintaining relationships with the wider church community. Ron was a proud nominee for the Townsville Diocese, Spirit of Catholic Education Award, in 2020.

Jacqui Francis commenced in the role of Executive Director of Townsville Catholic Education in April 2018. She previously held the position of Director of Organisational Services and Capability within the organisation. Jacqui commenced her career as a primary school teacher and worked in state schools in Victoria. She went on to hold middle and senior leadership roles in the NSW public sector and has applied her skills within various industries including road and rail transport, policing and public safety. Jacqui’s work has provided opportunities to work in international, national, state and regional settings on projects which have addressed human resource development, organisational capacity building, leadership development, governance, and improvement of organisational performance. Jacqui has a Masters of Business Administration (International Business), a Bachelor of Education (School Librarianship) and a Diploma of Teaching (Primary).

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