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Training and Resources

Townsville Catholic Education offers a variety of career pathways and professional development programs aimed at developing our teachers and leaders.  We offer programs across our Directorates including Religious Education, First Nations, Learning and Teaching, Student Pastoral Services and Organisation Services Directorate. 

The professional development that we offer is a mix of required, guided and inspired learning and is delivered in a variety of models including face to face, synchronous and asynchronous learning via an online platform.

Career Pathways and Professional Learning

Townsville Education offers programs aimed at developing our teachers into leadership positions from our Early Career Teachers through to our Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers. The Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Certification recognises highly skilled teachers. 

Some of the professional development for our teachers includes:
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogies
  • Age Appropriate Pedagogies
  • The Learning and Teaching Cycle
  • Gradual Release of Responsibility
  • The Writing Project
  • Responsive Planning
  • Reading across the phases
  • Four Dimensions
  • Inclusive Practices- Cued articulation, Hearing impairment, Social and emotional disorder, Speech language impairment
  • PB4L
  • Reflective Practice Days
  • Catholic Identity
We also offer professional development tailored to principals, senior leaders and middle leaders.  Some of these may include the following:
  • Faith Leadership
  • Stronger Smarter Leadership Program
  • Masterclass in Coaching
  • Growth Coaching Accreditation 
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Aspirant Leaders
  • Leading with Integrity for Excellence
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Leading From Within
  • Educational Leadership as Vocation and Service
Some of the programs on offer include the following:
  • Early Career Teacher Mentoring and Development Program
  • Aspiring Leaders Program
  • Stronger Smarter Leadership Program
Townsville Catholic Education also offers networks and support across the Diocese
  • First Nations networks
  • The Writing Network
  • Permission to Teach support
  • Mentoring support
  • HAT and LT support and working parties
  • New Principal Network 
First Nations
  • First Nations networks
  • Community Engagement
  • Cross Curriculum Priorities
  • Stronger Smarter Alumni
  • First Nations Spirituality
  • Stronger Smarter Leadership Program
  • First Nations STEM
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogies
  • Emerging Leaders

Organisational Services Directorate offer a range of tailored and bespoke training in response to specific requests from schools. These include student protection and various human resources related sessions that can be developed in response to particular themes, trends or needs in schools.