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Strategic Leadership Team

Catholic education contributes to the Church's mission and also to the local communities in which our schools exist. 

System support is grounded in the belief that, "the work of the school is irreplaceable and the investment of human and material resources in the school becomes a prophetic choice." (#21 The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium)

Jacqui Francis - Executive Director 

Under the stewardship of Executive Director Jacqui Francis, Townsville Catholic Education has responsibility for ensuring that each school is adequately and equitably resourced through the provision of centralised services. This acknowledges that our Diocese supports several small schools in rural and isolated areas, as well as schools that from time to time experience fluctuating enrolments.

Reporting to the Executive Director, Jacqui Francis, are four directorates to provide a system approach to funding and the establishment of a range of system positions to deliver school-based services. At the same time, the Catholic Education Office works toward creating an atmosphere of local autonomy and responsibility within each school community.

John Nuttall, Director - School Development Services

The School Development Services Directorate incorporates the business functions of School Improvement, Leadership Development, Capital Facilities and Student Support Services. The Directorate is accountable for:

  • Providing overall accountability for the management of a significant capital budget and major maintenance.
  • Ensuring schools and colleges in the Diocese of Townsville have the leadership, resources and specialist student services available to achieve quality outcomes for students.
  • Informing long term and operational staffing requirements based on the school capital works and development programs
  • Delivering growth to enrolment in schools and sustainability of Catholic education throughout the Diocese.
  • Delivering an integrated program for school improvement initiatives.

Louise Vella Cox, Director - Catholic Identity and First Nations Education 

The Catholic Identity and First Nations Education Directorate is responsible for two key areas in the Catholic Church’s mission: ensuring the achievement of quality outcomes for students and promoting the ongoing development of Catholic education in the Townsville Diocese in the areas of Religious Education and First Nations perspectives.

The Directorate is accountable for:

  • Ensuring the integration of Catholicity, First Nations perspectives, and associated initiatives across Diocesan schools and colleges, and collaborative delivery of services across the other Directorates in Townsville Catholic Education.
  • The collaborative development of strategy and policy to create an environment that provides for school improvement and best practice.
  • Leading the development of the Religious Education curriculum and quality pedagogy through staff formation to drive improvement of teaching and learning outcomes and to enable evangelisation to occur.
  • Liaising with First Nations communities to ensure cultural and learning needs are embedded in school environments.

Peter Stower, Director - Learning and Teaching

The Learning and Teaching Directorate leads the development and delivery of contemporary strategy and policy in the areas of curriculum, pedagogy and school performance to ensure the achievement of quality outcomes for students and promote the ongoing development of Catholic Education.

This Directorate is accountable for:

  • The development of curriculum and quality pedagogy to drive continual improvement of learning and teaching outcomes.
  • Developing and analysing learning and teaching data to ensure strategic and operational support to schools and colleges having optimal impact on learning, and teaching for students and the communities we serve.
  • Developing a school culture that promotes learning.
  • The development of expert teaching teams and a sustainable curriculum.

Jennifer Blackshaw, Director - Organisational Services

The Organisational Services and Capability Directorate incorporates the business functions of Student Protection, Human Resources, Maintenance and Accommodation, Work Health and Safety, Finance, and Information Technology Services, and is accountable for:

  • Leading and continuously improving organisational services (i.e. Human Resources Management, Student Safety and Wellbeing, Financial Management, and ITS Management).
  • Contextualising these services to the operating environment.
  • Ensuring TCEO has a culture that drives excellence in delivery of these organisational services.
  • Ensuring these services contribute to achievement of TCEO outcomes.

Organisational Structure