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Catholic School Boards

A number of Catholic schools in the Townsville Diocese have a Board as part of the life of the school.

Catholic School Boards are advisory groups.  They act in a manner which is at home with the Catholic belief that the Holy Spirit lives in the Christian community and that all members have wisdom to contribute.  There is a strong spiritual dimension to a Catholic School Board's work. 

The existence of a Board can help create a sense of continuity in a school's life despite changes of principal and staff and the normal comings and goings of families in the school community.

In the reflective, respectful atmosphere of the monthly Board meeting, the principal can seek the Boards advice on matters of school policy and on "big picture" matters affecting the school's present life and its future.

Boards usually consist of eight to ten people, some of whom are parents/carers.  Having a Catholic School Board does not detract from the role or importance of a school's Parents and Friends Association.  The P&F remains the official representative body for parents in their dealings with the school, the diocese, government and other bodies.

Early in each school year Townsville Catholic Education Office holds a Formation Day for those interested in serving on a Catholic School Board.

For further information on your school's board, please contact the Principal.