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Policies and Position Statements

Dear Friends

Our Diocese in Townsville includes a wide range of schools each with its own distinctiveness. The policy framework of the Diocesan Education Council provides a unifying focus for the schools.

It is hoped that schools will use these policies to both shape their own policies and to develop strategies to implement these policies. It is only in their implementation that they will impact on the life of our system.

Policy outlines the scope for broad discretionary action within any given area and provides the means for ensuring that the educational vision is realised. Furthermore, the policy process of formulation, consultation and implementation gives opportunity for participation and shared decision making and thereby allows the community to exercise its responsibility for Catholic education in the Diocese.

While keeping our distinctiveness as a Diocese, we are also an integral part of the Queensland Church and Catholic education system. The policies of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission, which should be read in association with our Diocesan policies, keep this broad educational perspective before us.

Jacqui Francis