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Benefits of Working Rural and Remote

Teaching is an exciting, challenging and rewarding career, and in isolated, remote or regional communities, it can be even more rewarding.

Each year we recruit energetic and committed teachers who want to make a difference in the lives of children in remote and rural communities. Rural and Remote school communities include Hughenden, Winton, Collinsville, Cloncurry, Mount Isa and Palm Island.

These schools are distinctively different from other schools in terms of:

  • Location and remoteness from other major centres
  • Size and logistics of school community
  • Cultural, social, climatic and recreational environments.

TCE recognises that teachers locating to these schools will be required to live and work in vastly different ways to their colleagues situated in major regional centres.  Because of this, financial benefits and other conditions and incentives are available to those who choose to live in rural and remote communities.

Incentive Payments & Allowances

The Incentive Payment – Remote Area Staff Scheme (IPRASS) provides a financial bonus for teachers who work in our more isolated schools.  The table below outlines the applicable payments.  Half is paid in June and half is paid in December.

  Collinsville Mount Isa Cloncurry Hughenden / Winton Palm Island
Year 1 $1,500 $1,650 $1,650 $1,650 $2,750
Year 2 $1,500 $1,650 $1,650 $1,650 $2,750
Year 3 $2,500 $2,750 $2,750 $2,750 $8,250
Year 4 $2,500 $4,440 $6,660 $6,660 $8,250
Year 5 $2,500 $4,440 $8,250 $8,250 $8,250
Year 6 $2,500 $4,440 $8,250 $8,250 $9,750
Year 7 & subsequent years $2,500 $4,440 $8,250 $8,250 $9,750
Vacation Travel Allowance 

We want you to stay refreshed!

We acknowledge that travelling for holidays from a rural and remote location can eat into valuable holiday time and may incur additional expenses. To assist in this, TCE will continue to offer all educators within our rural and remote locations additional leave. 

TCE will also give educators an annual $2,000 Travel Allowance paid fortnightly within your pay to assist with your travel costs. 

Emergent Leave Days

Non-cumulative days will be available each year as follows:

  • Mount Isa - 4 additional leave days per year
  • Hughenden, Cloncurry, Winton & Palm Island - 5 additional leave days per year
  • Collinsville - 2 additional leave days per year

Emergent Leave Days may be used to travel to a more focused regional centre to attend both urgent and non-urgent personal, medical or legal appointments that cannot be conducted in the remote area location.

Wellbeing Allowance

We're looking out for your wellbeing!

We understand that wellbeing is difficult for everyone so we want to offer you more flexibility.  The Wellbeing Allowance will see all educators receive an additional $1,200 to your salary, distributed across your fortnightly pay allowing you to choose when and how  you use it, be that saving up for a flight or a wellness retreat, a gym or club membership or simply towards your western experience.  

Living and Accommodation Allowance 

We're giving you the choice of where to live!

Living in a rural and remote locations can come with challenges and so we offer a Living & Accommodation Allowance that gives you an extra $350* fortnightly allowance to go towards your rent and living expenses. TCE can even assist you with local intel and put you in contact with local real estate agents.   

In select locations, Townsville Catholic Education housing may be available for rent.   

Please note that the Living & Accommodation Allowance is subject to tax and superannuation.

Please note: In keeping with the “Teacher Code of Conduct” TCE does not promote cohabitation by unmarried “partners”. Requests by couples in such a relationship for shared accommodation in TCE owned or leased accommodation will not be met.

Relocation Assistance 

We'll help you relocate!

If you are looking to relocate to another rural and remote position, TCE will provide assistance to make the transition easy. 

We can assist with:

  • Personal and Family relocation costs
  • Removal and relocation of household effects
  • Transportation of a motor vehicle 
  • Temporary accommodation 
Study Assistance

You can apply for financial assistance to help with the cost of relevant postgraduate studies at an approved educational institution.

Reduction of Debt

You can apply for a reduction of accumulated HELP debts, indexation waivers and waiver extensions. This is only applicable to Hughenden and Winton. Click here to find out more. 

Priority Transfers

Primary Schools - When a full-time primary teacher (with a continuing contract) completes at least 2 years of service in a remote location, they will receive priority transfers to any other school in the  Diocese subject to vacancies.

Secondary Schools - No intra-system transfer exists amongst TCE Secondary Colleges. However, TCE will ensure teachers in remote area secondary schools receive a suitability interview if their subjects are suitable to the recruiting school and applications are made in due time.

Learn about the specific benefits of teaching in our rural and remote locations!