Parents' Code of Conduct

"Working Together" - Code of Conduct for Parents and Volunteers has been developed through extensive consultation with representative parent groups across the Catholic system of schools in the Townsville Diocese.

As the title indicates, it’s about working together for the good of our children.  Our students and staff are bound from simular codes.

We know our parents, carers and volunteers will find this code useful.  

We certainly look forward to working together to be the best Catholic School community that we can all be.  

Code of Conduct for Parents and Volunteers

The school has a Code of Conduct for Parents and Volunteers, and all parents/carers are asked to abide by the rights, responsibilities and ethos outlined in this document.

Townsville Catholic Education Complaints Process for Parents, Guardians and Carers  

A complaint/grievance process is contained in the Code of Conduct for Parents and Volunteers. Our Catholic schools want to work in partnership with our families. If a parent/guardian/caregiver has a current complaint, criticism or concern, it is expected the following steps be followed in the first instance:  

  1. Speak to the appropriate school person involved (e.g. class teacher) first and try to resolve the concern with mutual respect and clear communication.  Where/if possible make an appointment with the relevant person
  2. If for some reason this is not possible, then make an appointment to see the Principal (or other nominated leadership personnel)
  3. The Principal (or nominee) should endeavour to mediate and find resolution
  4. If, having followed Steps 1-3 with no satisfaction from your perspective, you may take your complaint to Townsville Catholic Education Office for further facilitation.  

It is important to note that criticism regarding a staff member will only be heard if it is related to their professional conduct.   

Deliberate breaches and inability to respect the Townsville Catholic Education Code of Conduct for Parents & Volunteers or vexatious complaints may result in exclusion of a parent/guardian/caregiver from a school and / or possible termination of enrolment of their child/children.  

If your complaint relates to Sexual Abuse by a staff member towards a child in both a historical or current matter you should, in the first instance, contact the police.