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Parents and Friends Association

Catholic School Parents Queensland – Diocese of Townsville represents each school community in the Diocese.

Parents and Friends Associations (P&Fs) have been part of the Catholic school scene in Queensland for many decades, and all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Townsville have an active parent community. 

Every parent/carer with a child in a Catholic school is automatically a member of their school's P&F association.

Representation at school level
Through their parent group (descriptions may include P&F, CAFÉ, FACE), parents/carers can learn about what is going on in their school and on the education scene more broadly. They can support their school, its principal and staff by planning and running social events and supporting opportunities for parents/carers to engage in their child’s learning. Most parent groups meet monthly.

Each school's parent group is the official representative body for parents/carers in communicating, as a body, with the principal, with Townsville Catholic Education Office, with all levels of government. This official status is recognised by the Bishop and by organisations into the broader community. Parent groups have carried out many school improvements over the years

Representation at diocesan level
All parent groups are represented by Catholic School Parents Queensland (CSPQ) – Diocese of Townsville’s Diocesan Council. Formerly known as the Townsville Diocesan Parents and Friends Association, each school may send up to two delegates to the meetings of the Townsville Diocesan Council. This is a valuable forum for discussion of matters affecting parents and carers in Catholic schools in a general sense, with a strong emphasis on parent engagement. Meetings occur once a term, with an AGM held in Term 1.

2023 meeting dates:

  • Term 1 – Thursday 16th February @ 6.30pm
  • Term 2 (AGM) –  Thursday 11th May @ 6.30pm
  • Term 3 – Thursday 3rd August @ 6.30pm
  • Term 4 – Thursday 26th October @ 6.30pm

In 2020 we introduced ZOOM as the platform for council meetings. This creates an opportunity for better connections with schools and parent groups across the Diocese.

Our AGM will be held at the Townsville Catholic Education Office (TCEO) located at 2 Gardenia Avenue, Kirwan, Townsville. 

Diocesan Council key commitments

  • Diocese of Townsville Engagement Grants. Up to four (4) grants up to the value of $2,500 each are on offer for parent groups and schools to apply. These grants assist schools to develop, enhance or improve parent engagement, creating a link to children’s learning and well being. Successful projects focus on parent engagement opportunities with longevity.
  • Mappas Medallions. This long-standing recognition honours parents/carers who’ve contributed significantly to their school community. Named after Mark and Doreen Mappas, the medallions commemorate a stalwarts of Catholic education in the Ingham district. Medallions and certificates are supplied to schools, allowing local recognition and celebration of recipient/s.
  • Making parent information sessions more accessible. This includes organising guest speakers at each ZOOM council meeting as well as travelling parent/education speakers to reach locations around our broad diocese.

For further information on your local Diocesan Council please contact:


Representation at state level
At a higher level, each Queensland diocese sends delegates to regular meetings of the Catholic School Parents Queensland’s (CSPQ) State Council. Formerly known as The Federation of Parents and Friends Associations of Catholic Schools in Queensland, spokespeople for this group are often in conversation with the Queensland Catholic Education Commission and the State Government. CSPQ acts as the secretariat for CSPQ – Diocese of Townsville and is enthusiastic about supporting Diocesan and school parent groups in their work.

The fact that many schools now have Catholic School Boards in no way diminishes the place or the importance of parent groups in the life of schools. While both groups are there to promote the vigour of the Catholic school community, they do so in different ways.

For further information please contact:

Catholic School Parents Queensland

Level 2, Penola Place
143 Edward St Brisbane Qld 4000
Phone: 07 3905 9730