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Make a Choice You Won't Regret

The #makeachoiceyouwontregret campaign talks about the inappropriate use of social media. This campaign came from listening to students and recognising that they are a powerful voice and there is an untapped wisdom in the voices of our young people.

There are instances of students who may make a poor decision while online, however, with support and education, as well as the wisdom of older peers, we can contribute to enhancing their awareness of the consequences of inappropriate behaviour and decisions online. 

This project is driven by the students who have some real practical and helpful ideas about supporting their peers. Some of their comments demonstrated incredible maturity and a genuine willingness to ensure that other students know they have choices. Initially, the project set out to develop one short video focusing on keeping safe online, but it ended up morphing in to a series of four short videos, due to the incredible content the students contributed. 

The videos discuss topics such as Cyber Bullying, Consequences, Sexting and Help and Support.