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Learning and Teaching

The Townsville Early Years Leaders Network have been meeting regularly to consider ways to support the young people of Townsville as they navigated the uncertain times of remote learning due to COVID-19.  We knew that transitioning children back to school was going to be another time of resettlement, particularly for Prep students who only had a few weeks of school before things began to change.

Using literature is a great way to engage students. Learning & Teaching Adviser- Early Years, Nyree Buchanan has written a story, Nothing is Normal, to give children a character who had similar experiences and feelings to them over the past few weeks that they could relate to.

Using the story will allow teachers to have a discussion with their students about their experiences and how they are feeling, putting teachers in a position to support children's wellbeing as they transition back to school.

View Nothing is Normal video here
View Nothing is Normal book here

“Our Catholic schools are places where our students, staff, parents and carers are members of a vibrant learning and faith community.  All students can learn and reach their full potential. We hold high expectations for all of our staff and students. We are always striving to improve and we place our students at the centre of these efforts.” 
Jacqui Francis, Executive Director, Townsville Catholic Education

All school staff play a significant role in a whole-of-school approach to valuing the uniqueness and diversity of each student. By providing a safe and supportive environment that responds to individual needs, all students can engage with the curriculum.

Townsville Catholic Education Office is committed to supporting and educating each and every student to his or her potential. Through the use of inclusive practices, we create an environment which supports and nurtures all students.

The Learning Framework developed by the Townsville Catholic Education Office also provides direction for all who work with students in our schools. Fundamental to teaching and learning are the following beliefs about learners and learning:

  • We support increasing flexibility to accommodate individual learning needs, because we believe in recognising the uniqueness of the individual learner.
  • We support learning activities that engage student interest and motivation, because we believe that learners are the centre of the curriculum.
  • We seek ways to extend appropriate learning opportunities beyond existing boundaries, because we believe in developing the potential of every learner.
  • We accommodate diversity so that cultural and individual differences do not compromise learning opportunities, because we believe in equity.
  • We proclaim that Jesus gives meaning to life and learning, because we believe in Jesus as the way, the truth and the life.  
  • We support learning environments that sustain positive relationships particularly between teachers and students, because we believe people are our most valuable learning resource. (Learning Framework, 2015 - 2019)

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”  (John 10:10)


Peter Stower: Director - Learning and Teaching

Katherine Nelson: Curriculum Adviser
Amanda Banister: Learning & Teaching Adviser- Early Years
Nyree Buchanan: Curriculum Adviser
Rachael Hood: Learning & Teaching Adviser- Primary Years
Kate Sargent: Curriculum Adviser
Tim Smith: Learning & Teaching Adviser- Secondary Years
Louise Dunlop: System Learning & Teaching Adviser- Career Development