Photographic/Video Permission

At certain times throughout the year, our students may have the opportunity to be photographed or filmed for our school publications, such as the school’s newsletter or website and social media, or to promote the school in newspapers and other media.

The Townsville Catholic Education Office, Queensland Catholic Education Commission and National Catholic Education Commission may also wish to use student photographs/videos in print and online promotional, marketing, media and educational materials. We would like your permission to use your child's photograph/video for the above purposes.

What has changed?

We have, for many years, included permission for use of images of our students in our enrolment forms and respected parent’s choice to not allow images to be used. In recent years, we are using social media much more to communicate with our parents and promote our school’s activities, hence the need to refresh our permissions in this area.

It is also timely to remind parents about copyright of images, which generally lie with TCEO or the person who took the images. This means we don’t allow images to be used by organisations outside of the Catholic Education authorities, without gaining additional parental permission.

If you wish to withdraw this authorisation and consent at any time, it is your responsibility to notify the school and we will change our records.

Thank you for your continued support.

More information

Townsville Catholic Education Privacy Policy

Please contact your school Principal if you would like to discuss this decision.