Conducting Research in schools

Following is the process to gain permission to conduct research at Townsville Catholic Education Office (TCEO) and Catholic schools within the Diocese of Townsville.

  • Prior to research being conducted in Catholic schools within the Diocese of Townsville, research teams must receive the Diocesan Director’s approval to approach the school(s).
  • All researchers must complete the Research Guidelines and Application Form (below) for each individual research project they wish to conduct. 
  • An electronic copy of the research application and supporting documentation is to be emailed to the TCEO Research Coordinator, along with one hard copy being posted to the TCEO Research Coordinator, via the Townsville Catholic Education Office.
  • Once the formal application is received it will be forwarded to the TCEO Research Approval Team members, who will examine the application and make recommendation to the Diocesan Director as to whether or not the researcher should be permitted to approach school principal(s).
  • If permission is granted, the Diocesan Director will write to the researcher giving permission for them to approach the specified principal(s) with a request to conduct this piece of research. The researcher is advised that the ultimate decision as to if this research will proceed within the school community will reside with the school principal.
  • The researcher is then to approach the school principal(s) in writing, requesting permission to conduct the research; a copy of the Diocesan Director's written permission is to be included in this request.
  • Principal(s), approached as described, then decide whether or not to have members of their school community participate in this piece of research and informs the researcher of the decision.
All research applications and any enquires should be addressed to:

The Research Coordinator
Townsville Catholic Education Office
PO Box 861
Phone: (07) 4773 0900

Please refer to the attached document for research guidelines and a research application form.

Conducting research in schools