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Originally stemming from annual music camps held on Magnetic Island, the Mulkadee Youth Arts Festival has evolved over time to become an all-encompassing celebration of the Arts. 

Mulkadee is taking a break in 2024 to commence planning for a contemporary program, to ensure the continued success of Mulkadee well into the future. 

During the break, we will be gathering critical feedback from our school communities, including students, teachers and families to assist us in envisioning a contemporary and exciting return of Mulkadee in 2025. 

To ensure the continued success of Mulkadee Youth Arts Festival into the future, Townsville Catholic Education will not be holding the event in 2024, however will be using this break to re-evaulate and review the vision of the program.

More information will be released in the new year. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Mulkadee taking a break?

A break will allow the Mulkadee team to transition Mulkadee into its next phase.

Mulkadee has evolved over the years since its inception, original stemming from annual music camps! 

Will students get other opportunities to be involved in the Arts?

Yes, school communities will still continue to deliver their own programs, and we will continue to skill our students and staff within the Arts!

When will Mulkadee return?

Mulkadee is scheduled to return in 2025!

Need Support?

Need Support?


Key People

Sandra Neal – Mulkadee Coordinator


Where to find more information

Social Media: 

Mulkadee’s social media pages keep everyone up to date throughout the year and most importantly, during Mulkadee performance week. 

are used to distribute reminders and other key information to parents across the program and in particular throughout the Mulkadee week event.

Mulkadee Facebook page: CLICK HERE 

Mulkadee instagram page: CLICK HERE

Key People

Sandra Neal – Mulkadee Coordinator

Emma Higgins – Mulkadee Administrator


School Mulkadee Representatives:

A list of School Mulkadee Representatives is included on the following page. Parents and carers are to contact their child’s School Mulkadee Representative in the first instance, with questions and requests.  

For further Information:

Please contact Sandra Neal, Mulkadee Coordinator for Townsville Catholic Education on 4773 0900, or your school principal if you would like further information. 

Follow the Mulkadee Facebook page.