Student Behaviour Policy


Discipline permeates the total climate of relationships within the community of the Catholic School. It has the individual as its focus, and reflects the support, the encouragement, the care shown and experienced in the ethos of gospel-based communities. A student whose conduct is seriously or persistently contrary to the school’s ethos and standards of behaviour may have his or her enrolment terminated.


All students and staff in our Catholic schools are entitled to a school environment which is safe and nurturing, and all students are entitled to a rich education. In order to ensure that these ideals are safeguarded, it is sometimes necessary for a Principal to enact appropriate disciplinary procedures. Our schools have policy and procedures to deal with issues of suspension and exclusion of students. Decisions to exclude students must be undertaken in consultation with the Townsville Catholic Education Office (TCEO) and follow already authorised TCEO procedures. TCEO will be responsible for establishing a data base of excluded students.


All students within a Catholic school are entitled to experience an education in a safe and nurturing environment. Discipline contributes to the common good, seeking to maintain harmony within an entire community. It is based upon the essential Christian call to love (Mark 12) which challenges Catholic Schools to live out “How many times do I forgive?” (Matt 18:21) Discipline processes involve an opportunity for a community to experience a sense of justice. However, a student’s behaviour may be such that it is necessary to suspend, exclude or terminate enrolment. In the event that suspension, exclusion or termination of enrolment is necessary, the school will employ comprehensive, open and transparent investigative processes for the generation of a just outcome.

The Diocese of Townsville honours a second chance practice, which means that a student whose enrolment has been terminated from one school may be offered an opportunity to attend another Catholic school. Each school must have published authorised procedures and guidelines concerning suspension, exclusion or termination of enrolment, which are consistent with the overall pastoral care framework of the school and the Diocese.


Each school will create an understanding of what is acceptable behaviour as part of that school community and partner with parents to promote and support this understanding.


  1. 1. The dignity of the individual is a fundamental value underpinning this policy.
  2. 2. Principles of natural justice and procedural fairness always apply.
  3. 3. Support for students and their families affected by student behaviour issues must be provided. The Townsville Catholic Education Office will develop procedures for the implementation of this policy.

Each Catholic school in the Diocese of Townsville will develop its own procedures for the implementation of this policy and procedures. TCEO will be responsible for establishing and maintaining records of students who have been suspended, excluded or whose enrolment has been terminated.


  • Transparent justice for all.
  • Each school or entity develops clear, consistent guidelines on suspension, exclusion and enrolment termination.
  • This policy creates an awareness of the number of students suspended, excluded or whose enrolment has been terminated from Catholic schools and allows the Townsville Catholic Education Office to monitor the number of these students.


This policy applies to all Catholic Schools and Colleges, Kindergartens, OHSC and Early Learning Centres of the Townsville Diocese, and the Townsville Catholic Education Office.

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Approved by Diocesan Education Council Date Update 08 March, 2016