Student Protection

Kids Feel Safe LogoTownsville Catholic Education is committed to ensuring safe school environments for all students, with a focus on the critical area of student welfare.

Townsville Catholic Education Office has a comprehensive Student Protection program for all staff (teachers, school support staff and office staff) in the Diocese. This extensive program includes:

  • Student Protection Policy to ensure student safety and legislation compliance
  • Student Protection training and manual for all staff on their appointment and every calendar.
  • KIDS FEEL SAFE PROGRAM for teachers and students


Kids Feel Safe

Our program aims to promote the importance of feeling safe at all times. Every school in the Diocese has designated  "Safe Persons" with whom students can discuss any concerns about things that happen at school, such as conflict with peer groups or study stress. Their concerns may also be about things that occur outside of school and more serious issues, such as abuse or self harm.

Kids Feel Safe also includes a program of lessons and activities for every grade incorporating self esteem and self-protecting behaviors including resources and promotional items for display in classrooms. The program offers teachers training and information around codes of conduct, legal responsibilities, risk management, school safety, absenteeism, maintaining harmony in our community and promoting anti-bullying strategies.Safe Person's Training

More detailed information is available from the Townsville Catholic Education Office, by contacting Katherine Olsen - Student Protection Coordinator on 07 4773 0900 or via email

View our video on Student Protection in Townsville Catholic Schools

“The Townsville Catholic Education intends to comply fully with the relevant legislative requirements current within the State of Queensland. We also intend to comply fully with the commitment to the Principles and Procedures of “Towards Healing” (December 2000) that deals with responding to complaints of abuse against personnel of the Catholic Church of Australia. Townsville Catholic Education is also committed to ensuring high principles and standards for those who are involved in the Church’s Ministry of Education.”
Jacqui Francis – Executive Director, Townsville Catholic Education Office

To find out more about our #MAKEACHOICEYOUWONTREGRET campaign, click here. 

Student Protection Online Training 

Student Protection Short Course - New staff who haven't yet undertaken the face-to-face course. 

Student Protection Refresher - All other staff. This is mandatory annual training. 

Student Protection Quiz - This quiz must be completed by all staff undertaking online training- both short course and refresher. 

Gumburu Student Protection Short Course

Gumburu Student Protection Short Course Quiz