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Student Support Services

Student Support Service staff focus on the relations and interactions between students and their school environment to reduce the effects of personal, emotional, developmental, environmental and institutional barriers that may impede student academic and life success. 

Our staff support and foster the pastoral care of students, educational equality, equity, access and academic success.  Our aim is to assist in the development of students and to ensure that all students are happy, confident and successful learners who will use their knowledge and their gifts for the good of all.

Guidance Counsellors

Guidance Counsellors are dedicated to providing counselling, student support, classroom support and assessment services to Catholic schools across the Townsville Diocese.

Through collaboration with Catholic Education Office, school leadership personnel, teachers, parents and students the following services may be available:

  • Support to school staff to assist with planning and programming strategies for students who require significant adjustments to their learning.
  • Support in management of students with disabilities - this may include seeking external assistance and access to the TCEO Education Adjustment Program.
  • Developing behaviour support strategies for students in collaboration with school staff and parents.
  • Facilitating counselling to students with personal, social and emotional needs.
  • Liaising with health professionals to meet student needs which may include referral to external agencies for additional support and mental health assessment.
  • Facilitating and administering appropriate assessments.
  • Providing professional development to staff regarding student health and wellbeing and classroom support.
  • Providing parent information regarding student educational needs and wellbeing.
  • Assisting with school planning in relation to important student transitions, key pastoral issues and development over their schooling.
Speech Language Pathologists

The Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are dedicated to providing specialist support in the areas of communication and literacy development for students, parents and staff of our Catholic schools. Speech Language Pathology services are provided in two specialty areas.

Early Years Oral Language

Our staff provide support and education to the school community about the importance of oral language development in Prep to Year 2 age and the necessary tools for school staff to continue to enrich the oral language development of students.

Students with Disability

This service provides individualised support and assessments to students who have been verified with, or are suspected of having a Speech-Language Impairment (SLI) or other verified disability. Specialist Speech Language Pathology services may also include:

  • Screening of students skills in the areas of speech, language, fluency (stuttering) and/or literacy development with provision of recommendations and reporting.
  • Formal Speech and Language assessment and reporting.
  • Development and monitoring of individualised intervention programs and goal setting.
  • Professional development opportunities for staff and information sessions for parents.
  • Advisory service to schools around the use and implementation of whole class and small group programs for literacy / language / speech development.
  • Determination of students’ eligibility for verification under the category of a Speech-Language Impairment (SLI) as defined in the Education Adjustment Program.
  • Consultation and collaboration on Townsville Catholic Education Office initiatives, including pilot projects, data collection and advisory committees.
Advisory Visiting Specialists

The Advisory Visiting Specialists play a key role in the delivery of quality education to students with disability whose education support needs have been verified through the Education Adjustment Program or identified as requiring significant education adjustment in the areas of:

  • Physical Impairment
  • Vision Impairment
  • Hearing impairment

Our Advisory Visiting Specialist team is made up of a qualified Occupational Therapist who overseas service provision for students with physical and vision impairment and a qualified Specialist Teacher who oversees service provision to students with a hearing impairment.

Hearing Impairment Services
  • Providing direct support to students identified with hearing impairment and asssitng the school team to understand educational implications.
  • Providing support to teachers  through:
    • Specialist Advice relating to adaptation of curriculum, modification of the learning environment, resources and specialised equipment.
    • Implementation of flexible approach to learning activities.
    • Participating in educational planning to support educational outcomes.
  • Providing professional development to staff regarding hearing impairment and classroom support.
  • Advocating for the supply and maintenance of equipment.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the use of recommended equipment and provide ongoing training to staff.
Physical Impairment/ Vision Impairment Services
  •  Identification of the education needs of students with disability and providing direct support to a student verified with physical disability or vision impairment.
  • Providing support to teachers through:
    • Specialist advice relating to curriculum, physical environment, resources and specialised equipment.
    • Implementation of flexible approach to service delivery
    • Participation in educational planning to support educational outcomes.
  • Providing specific information and assist the school team to understand the educational implications of the disabilities.
  • Advocate for the supply of equipment including sourcing potential funding options.
  • Monitor and evaluate the use of recommended equipment and provide ongoing training to staff.