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Strategic Direction 2017-2021

Our System Vision

“The promotion of the human person is the goal of the Catholic School” 

(The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium, 1998)

Catholic schools in the Townsville Diocese will ensure that each student can experience the joy of learning and achieve success as a learner under the expert guidance of teachers who are inspired by Jesus Christ, our indispensable teacher.  This commitment to students will take account of emerging directions and mandates in curriculum. It is supported by the development of pedagogical expertise and improved capability, through a significant focus on professional and spiritual formation for staff, and investment in relevant educational technologies and resources.  By collaboration and organisational design based on co-responsibility, innovation and on-going renewal of mission and purpose, our Catholic schools will plan for a future that is hope-filled, collegial and sustainable.

Our Context

We are a learning community of Catholic schools located in urban and rural settings across the Diocese of Townsville. United under our Bishop and served by the Catholic Education Office, we welcome families from diverse backgrounds including remote students through boarding facilities and our Indigenous community school on Palm Island. We sincerely acknowledge the traditional owner groups upon whose lands our Catholic schools are located and honour the spiritual heritage of our Indigenous Australians who teach us so much about love of country, family and community.