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Birthing kit Foundation

3 August 2022 | Posted in Catholic Identity

Birthing kit Foundation

Joanne O'Connor

By Joanne O'Connor

Assistant Principal, Identity and Mission

St Margaret Mary's College, Hyde Park

St Margaret Mary’s College became involved with the Birthing Kit Foundation in 2007. That year marked the beginning of our wonderful relationship with ZONTA Townsville Metro. At this time, we involved students from the Year 11 and Year 12 Early Childhood classes. The girls packed 600 kits during school time. In 2008 we moved to inviting the whole school, in an after school time slot. We called for100 students but got about three hundred volunteers; which meant willing helpers had to be turned away. That year we packed 1000 kits. Since then, we have fine-tuned our Birthing Kit program.

In 2009 we expanded our horizons to packing 2000 kits. This was a huge effort and we again reconsidered how a more streamlined process would make the process easier and be more of a community project. Never afraid to aim higher, 2010 saw the introduction of an increased partnership model. Still working with ZONTA Townsville, we introduced a two session process: ZONTA reps, parents and staff participating in a ‘pre-packing’ session on the Thursday night, followed by 110 student packers with staff supervising and ZONTA people finalising the boxes.

The pre-packing event enables the 2000 sheets of plastic to be folded and placed in the plastic bags – this is a huge undertaking, made huger when we realise some sheets have been doubled up. I am sure all packers around the globe are familiar with the angst of searching for the ‘double sheet’ kit. The cutting of the 6000 pieces of string is also part of the night’s accomplishments.

It truly has been a wonderful community partnership and life giving experience for our girls, parents, staff and the ZONTA reps. To date, St Margaret Mary’s College and ZONTA Townsville Metro, have packed 15,000 Birthing Kits. A very proud achievement, indeed!

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