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How Does a Catholic Education Impact Your Character?

23 March 2023 | Posted in Religious Education

How Does a Catholic Education Impact Your Character?

By Mary Mudge

Investing in a Catholic education for your child goes beyond reading, writing, and academic development. The Catholic education system also focusses on holistic development of the mind, body, spirit, and character. Those indefinable traits that we develop at an early age to shape our thinking, develop character, and prepare successful students for life outside of school.

In Townsville Catholic Schools, students are guided in a considered exploration of faith, ethics, and values that provide a pivotal role in developing a strong moral compass and character. Students are supported to know their faith and develop strong moral values through prayer, reflection, and service to others. Students are also challenged to respect the uniqueness of each religion and belief through an awareness of the particularities of religions in our school communities.

At its core, a Catholic education is based on the shared belief that each individual has a God-given purpose and potential. As such, students are provided with opportunities to develop critical thinking, spirituality, social responsibility, and leadership skills which guide positive character development. By building an understanding of Catholic values, principles, and beliefs, students prepare for a purpose driven life that is grounded in integrity and faith.

Attending a Catholic school can have a strong, lasting, positive impact on a student’s character as they are exposed to an enriching and rewarding learning environment that focusses on faith, service, and structure. The focus on these three elements works to create well-rounded graduates who will be well-equipped to handle the challenges of life outside school and to be worthwhile contributors to society.

Townsville Catholic Education supports 29 schools in our Diocese, in a region extending to Mount Isa in the west, Proserpine in the south and north to Halifax. We promote inclusiveness to ensure our schools remain accessible to all.

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