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About Destiny District

The iLibrary's automated library system Destiny uses a web based portal to allow users to search the library database and choose appropriate resources. It also allows users to book resources for use in their school or parish. In the Destiny District school libraries can now search the iLibrary and the other school libraries from within their own online catalogues.

Destiny  provides detailed records of items in the iLibrary collection, including book cover images, annotations, age levels and curriculum matches, to assist borrowers to make informed choices when selecting resources. It also gives the user direct access to the growing collection of digital resources that are part of the iLibrary's collection.

To book physical items and access the digital resources through the online portal users will need to use a Patron ID number, their surname and their email address to create an account. A Patron ID number can be obtained by becoming a member of the iLibrary. Guest users may search Destiny  but are unable to use its advanced features or access its online resources.

Destiny Quest also provides an extensive help section to assist users to access the full facilities of the portal.

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