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Marian students and staff ‘buzzing’ with new school rules

10 May 2022 | Posted in Learning and Teaching

Marian students and staff ‘buzzing’ with new school rules

Kylie Helmore

By Kylie Helmore


Marian Catholic School, Currajong

The students and staff at Marian Catholic School are all ‘buzzing’ this year with the introduction of their new school rules.  As part of a Positive Behaviour for Learning approach, the rules have been introduced across the school to encourage students to take responsibility for their own actions and learning. 

Connected with the school motto ‘To Strive for Love and Peace’, students are encouraged to strive to: Be responsible, Be respectful, Be caring, Be safe and Be our best both inside and outside of the classroom, across all areas of the school.

A great deal of fun has been had by all during the introduction of the rules, with Bee 1 and Bee 2 (aka Mrs Miller and Mrs Hawke) introducing a new rule, via movie clip, each week with the help of many students and staff.  Bee 1 and Bee 2 keep a close eye on how rules are being enacted, reporting what they see to Queen Bee, Marian Principal, Mrs Kylie Helmore.  There has even been a special cameo appearance by some staff from Townsville Catholic Education. 

“The students have really embraced the new rules, there is a sense of excitement across the school, with many parents reporting that children are going home talking about their new rules and what they’ve learned from the Bees. The adults are also getting into the spirit, which in turn increases student engagement.” Mrs Helmore said.

Teachers have spent time in class each week, identifying what the rule means and what it looks like in the various areas of the school, with weekly class awards for students who have been seen consistently demonstrating the rule.  This has proven to be a challenging task for teachers, with the majority of students working very hard to demonstrate the rules each week.

Students have also been introduced to the new mascot ‘Buzz Bee’, who loves to visit classrooms and playgrounds to check out what the students are learning and doing.  Nixon from Prep said “I love it when Buzz Bee comes into the playground.”

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