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National Speech Pathology Week

22 August 2023 | Posted in Inclusive Education

National Speech Pathology Week

Morgan Lund

By Morgan Lund

Inclusive Education Coordinator

Townsville Catholic Education

Speech Pathology Week Promotes the profession and the work done by Speech Pathologists. This year, the theme for Speech Pathology Week is 'Communicating for life'.

Did you now that 1 in 7 Australians will have a communication difficulty at some stage in their life? Communication is a basic human right and Speech Pathology Week helps to raise awareness of communication disability and the role of speech pathologists.

Within Townsville Catholic Education, six speech pathologists work as part of education teams, inclusive of children, to uphold children’s right to education. They seek to enhance the quality of children’s speech, language and communication competency to facilitate their access, participation and progress in education. Speech pathologists advocate for access to evidence-based instructional practices for all children, and early identification and intervention for children with education support requirementsWhen working as part of education teams to identify and implement reasonable adjustments, speech pathologists work alongside a range of professionals to identify the needs of children, and plan and implement support and monitor and review the impact of adjustments. 

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