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Eco Warriors

10 October 2022 | Posted in Sustainability

Eco Warriors

On Tuesday 13 September, 100 of our school students were Eco Warriors, fighting for the environment at our 11th Eco Warrior’s Day.

Eco Warriors’ Day 2022 was held at St Clare's Catholic School on Tuesday 13th September and students and teachers arrived ready to take action and learn more about how to live sustainably by listening to industry experts in the field of environmental education and management. This year the Eco Warriors collaborated with Jack Growden, Founder & CEO Litehause International, who inspired students about the importance of living and working sustainably, and Origin Energy who conducted a Solar Buddy workshop to provide light to children living in energy poverty.

Eco Warriors - Call of the Earth, Call of the People, made the links for students and teachers between Catholic Social Teaching and living sustainably. It was wonderful to work with so many local businesses and experts that gave their time to educate our future leaders. Students were given a native seedling from Townsville City Council and Lucky T attended from the Great Barrier Reef Marrier Park Authority (GBRMPA).

We were blessed to have Jack Growden, Founder and CEO LiteHause International as our keynote speaker. Jack spoke on the importance of living and working sustainably, being a net producer rather than a net consumer and caring about social issues. To hear him speak so passionately about the work he is doing (and plans to do) to help the planet and people was truly inspiring. Jack and his team repurpose and recycle devices on a grand scale to provide technology for children living without, so if your school has any old devices to donate, please feel free to contact them via their website Litehause International.

The interactive workshops by Solar Buddy with Origin Energy, Solar Panels with GEM Energy/RACQ Solar, Beeswax Wraps and Native Bees with NQ Bees and Birdlife Townsville provided students with the knowledge and skills to live a more sustainable life and care for creation. There were many other educational displays including Caritas informing us about reaching Eathcare status, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Remote Area Dive, NQ Wildlife, North Queensland Conservation Council and St Margaret Mary’s College. These workshops were engaging, fun and informative.

Every student was asked to reflect on their learning and commit to action to assist our planet and our people.  Sincere thanks to TCE’s Environmental Awareness Advisory Committee who organised the day and to our fabulous host, St Clare’s Catholic School. 

To see some of the action from the day, please view the video. Many thanks to Malcolm Brown for creating this wonderful snapshot of the day.

Eco Warriors’ Day 2023 is shaping up already to be bigger and brighter, so stay tuned for more information in 2023. Please advise us of the person organising environmental education and awareness in your school, so that we can keep you up to date.  Environmental Education Contact List

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