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Relay for Life at Burdekin Catholic High School

23 June 2022 | Posted in Catholic Identity

Relay for Life at Burdekin Catholic High School

By Antonetta Dalle Cort

On July 30th, Burdekin Catholic High School has over fourteen Year 7 students registered to participate in Relay for Life. The entire Year 7 cohort has supported these students by organising a sweets stall to raise money for the relay. 

The sweets stall is held during second break each day and is open to all students and staff at the school to purchase items. 

The school’s Service Leaders, Abigail Cervoni and Mikayla Mitchell have been extremely proactive in spreading the word about the fundraiser. They have encouraged the whole school community to become involved and helped the Year 7 students in the running of their stall.

It’s great to see our students be so invested in this fundraising event. It’s definitely boosted our school spirit!

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