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Remembrance Day - Draw To Remember

16 November 2022 | Posted in Learning and Teaching

Remembrance Day - Draw To Remember

Remembrance day – Draw to Remember

Ahead of Remembrance Day this year, the RSL QLD approached our local schools to engage students in a creative and colourful mural while reflecting what Remembrance Day means to them. 

The newly launched ‘Draw to Remember’ pilot initiative offers veterans from the RSL community to deliver education talks and inspire a new generation, allowing them to learn, reflect and commemorate through creativity. 

St Peter’s Principal, Paula Martin said the children loved coming together to draw and research what the day really means to them.

“We were delighted to take up the challenge from Ingham RSL, when they came to speak to the children, they really engaged interest and from there we allowed them to research and called up people we knew to come in and chat about their experiences.

“What I loved about the whole experience, is that it is bringing the community together.  It’s our older community talking about their past and their families past giving our students a sense that they are our tomorrow”, said Paula.

Five schools took up the challenge this year and more than 55 schools across Queensland – each nominated by their local RSL Sub Branch – took part in the pilot program, which RSL Queensland hopes to extend to more schools in the future. 

Lest We Forget.

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