St Anthony's Catholic College, Deeragun

Joanne Street, Deeragun QLD 4818
(07) 4751 7300
(07) 4751 7399
Mr Barry Horner
Prep - Year 12 + Kindergarten
Co-educational; day student only

About the School

St Anthony's Catholic College is a kindergarten to Year 12, coeducational College servicing the rapidly growing northern beaches of Townsville. It is a Catholic school in the Franciscan tradition and continues to be animated by the spirit of St Francis of Assisi.

St Anthony’s Catholic College last year celebrated the tenth year on its Assissi campus, which accommodates Years 7- 12. The College offers Primary School classes (Prep - Year 6) on the Padua Campus

St Anthony's College boasts extensive resources and a committed, professional teaching staff, skilled in the provision of quality Catholic education. The College offers a dynamic and engaging curriculum and has extensive programs to cater for the diverse range of student learning needs and styles.

A range of extracurricular activities are offered, allowing students to pursue their cultural, religious, sporting or academic strengths or interests.  St Anthony's strives to foster close relationships with parents and enjoys a positive partnership with St Anthony's Catholic Parish, which comes under the care of the Franciscan Friars.