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St Clare’s Catholic School Students Embrace LittleScribe Mini-Writing Festival

29 November 2023 | Posted in Learning and Teaching

St Clare’s Catholic School Students Embrace LittleScribe Mini-Writing Festival

In an effort to improve and develop writing skills amongst their students, St Clare's Catholic School recently participated in Australia's largest online, interactive writing festival for schools, the LittleScribe Mini-Writing Festival. The festival, which took place in Term 3, saw Year 2 and Year 4 students engage with renowned authors and immerse themselves in various writing activities.

The festival provided a unique opportunity for students to connect with celebrated authors such as Sue Whiting, Katrina McKelvey, Jackie French, and Joel McKerrow. Each day, the students interacted with these authors, who guided them through writing exercises tailored to their specific age group. The authors also shared valuable tips and tricks, inspiring the students to experiment and incorporate these methods into their own writing.

Donna Jack, Learning and Teaching Advisor, expressed her enthusiasm for the festival, stating, "At St Clare's Catholic School, we have a clear focus on enhancing writing skills and fostering a love for the writing process. The LittleScribe Mini-Writing Festival was the perfect platform for our students to engage with talented authors and gain valuable insights into the art of writing."

Following the festival, students at St Clare's Catholic School collaborated to create class books that showcased their newly acquired skills. Year 2 students wrote imaginative stories featuring animal characters that they had created during a workshop with Sue Whiting. In contrast, Year 4 students explored the world of slam poetry, drawing inspiration from their session with Joel McKerrow.

These class books have now been printed and the students celebrated the achievement with a book launch. Staff and students gathered to acknowledge the accomplishments and applaud their dedication to honing their writing abilities.

Mrs Jack added, "The book launch was a momentous occasion for our students and the culmination of their hard work and creativity. We are immensely proud of their commitment to the writing process and look forward to celebrating their continued success!"

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