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Teaching and Regional Areas- Top Benefits and Rewards

6 June 2024 | Posted in Learning and Teaching

Teaching and Regional Areas- Top Benefits and Rewards

Chloe McLaren

By Chloe McLaren


St Kieran's Catholic School, Mount Isa

Embarking on a teaching career in remote Australia has been one of the most rewarding and unique experiences of my professional and personal life. Mount Isa, in North West Queensland, where I now call home, is a place where community and collaboration intertwine with the beauty and tranquility of outback living to create a lifestyle that is unmatched in any other part of Australia. The development of close and rich community connections, along with the diversity of students and staff has allowed me to experience a whole new aspect of the teaching field. The demand for quality teachers is continuing to grow in rural and remote areas, and having taken an opportunity to work in Mount Isa, I feel strongly about its benefits and rewards, towards both professional and personal life. 

Financial Support & Incentives 

A highly attractive aspect of working in regional areas is the extra financial benefits and incentive payments provided by Townsville Catholic Education. A fortnightly rental allowance has helped me considerably with the cost of living, and eases financial strain whilst settling into full time work in the Outback. Further incentives such as wellbeing payments encourage me to make time for myself, and strike a work life balance. Extra leave days (emergent days) also allow me to maintain connections with my family and friends in Brisbane. Incentives vary state by state, however those provided by Townsville Catholic Education are highly valued by the network of teachers working in regional areas, myself included. 

Professional Development & Career Progression

Opportunities for professional development are plentiful in regional areas, I have particularly enjoyed travelling to Townsville to attend courses and conferences, with financial costs being covered. The ability to travel to attend professional development days has also meant I can network with teachers in other remote areas, as well as those working in metropolitan areas. The strong desire to retain staff is largely felt in regional areas, meaning I consistently feel valued and am given access to professional development that aligns with my desired career progression. Further to this, the dynamic nature of regional schools means there are always opportunities for fast tracked career progression which is a further incentive I look forward to in my teaching career. 

Community Engagement & Integration

One of the most prominent benefits I have experienced working in a remote area is the tight-knit community, where I feel our role as teachers is an integral part of the local landscape. In small towns, teachers are highly valued and respected professionals, who act as pillars to the all round development of young students. Student demographics vary in regional and remote areas, and as such, positive and passionate educators play a crucial role in driving the educational outcomes of local students. By immersing myself in the local community, I have experienced first hand the richness of small town connections that contribute to wellbeing and positive experiences in education. Attendance at local events is also the standard in these towns, and are wonderful opportunities to truly experience regional life. Students in small towns need great teachers to excel their future and passion for learning. Genuine community engagement and interaction are unique to my role in this small town, and have drastically increased my gratitude for the education field.

Lifestyle Benefits

The lifestyle I have found in Mount Isa is magnificent, marked by sunsets, slow living and a true sense of community. Escaping city congestion affords me more time in my day, with my commute to work being only 5 minutes long. Spectacular natural landmarks and landscapes are close by, and provide beautiful locations to visit on weekends and afternoons. Those living in these areas experience a sense of calmness, and slower lifestyle, that makes time for what matters most. Living in Mount Isa, I have had plentiful time to focus on my career and give my 100% to the education field, whilst also having time for personal life and enjoying what the Outback has to offer. It truly is a lifestyle unmatched in any other parts of Australia.

How to get started

Teaching is an exciting, challenging and rewarding career and in isolated, remote or regional communities, it can be even more rewarding. 

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