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The Writing Project

17 November 2022 | Posted in Learning and Teaching

The Writing Project

Rachael Hood

By Rachael Hood

System Learning and Teaching Adviser - Primary

Townsville Catholic Education

The boardroom at Townsville Catholic Education office was abuzz with excitement last Thursday as the seven Writing Project schools  from across the Townsville Diocese joined together in a celebration writing.  Participants have recently completed their first year of a two year professional learning program focusing on writing instruction.  The celebration of writing provided each school with an opportunity to showcase their learning journey with each other, principals  and invited guests.  As each team presented their journey,  they demonstrated student  growth through writing data, discussed the changes in the writing culture of the school and reflected on the growth in their own teaching practice.  It was a treat for the audience to hear from students who talked about their newfound love of writing and identified how much their attitudes towards writing had changed.  As guests strolled through the exhibition  of  static displays, they could view student writing samples, examine student writing  data and review writing resources. Team members for the participating schools were on hand to offer insights into the project and answer any questions. 

The Writing Project aims to achieve long term, sustainable improvement in writing for students while building teacher capacity to teach writing in an authentic way.  Participants use an evidence based framework that allows students and teachers to develop a common language for talking about writing.  This common language makes it easier for both teachers and students to identify and discuss the elements of effective writing.  

2023 will see  the seven existing schools embark on their second year of the project where they will deepen their knowledge and understanding, refine their skills and assist in the rollout of writing improvement within their own school context.  These schools will broaden their focus to incorporate the natural links to reading and spelling as well.  

It is very exciting to see eleven new schools joining the project for the first time next year.   

With a total of 18 primary schools participating in the Celebration of Writing next year, it is going to be an event not to be missed! 

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