Enrolment in Catholic Schools Policy


Our schools welcome the children of those parents and carers who wish their children and themselves to participate in a Christ-centred educational community in the Catholic tradition.


This policy addresses Townsville Catholic Education’s commitment to provide catholic schooling for children whose parents and carers wish them to be educated in an environment that has the Gospel values and a Catholic ethos as its base. Where it is impossible to make Catholic schooling available to all who seek it, a family’s relationship to the Catholic Church and the example of Christ’s love for the poor and marginalised, shall be major considerations in deciding which families are offered places for their children in the schools of the diocese.


Parents and carers are the first educators of their children; first in time and usually first in influence. Catholic schools support families in the formation and education of their children. Catholic schools have an important role in the mission of the Church to evangelise, and have the duty and obligation of proclaiming the Gospel and of handing on the Catholic tradition.

They must always be capable of offering a formation based on the values inherent in this Gospel and tradition.

The Church’s preferential option for the poor is fundamental for Catholic schools, i.e. the poor have a special and prior claim on the Church’s care and attention. Catholic schools have a special responsibility toward those who are in any way marginalised.


  1. The Catholic ethos of each school will always be maintained and promoted.
  2. Each Catholic school in the Diocese of Townsville will develop enrolment procedures consistent with this policy. The procedures should articulate a transparent enrolment process in response to each application for enrolment the school receives.
  3. Parents and carers applying for enrolment are to be made aware of the Catholic nature of the school and what this implies for the kind of education in which their children will participate and which families will be expected to support.
  4. When an application for enrolment is received on behalf of a child with special educational needs, the Townsville Catholic Education Office’s Enrolment Application and Support Procedures For students requiring significant educational adjustments, revised May 2011 (or any set of procedures which supersedes it) will be implemented.
  5. Parents and carers are to be made aware that the payment of fees and charges is expected of all those who can afford to pay but that a genuine inability to make these payments is not an obstacle to enrolment.
  6. The Catholic Education Office will have in place procedures to monitor demographic and statistical information so that the Diocese is well placed to respond with foresight and prudence to trends in the need for Catholic education in the Diocese.


This policy applies to all Catholic Schools and College, Kindergarten, OHSC and Early Learning Centres of the Townsville Diocese, and the Townsville Catholic Education Office.

Townsville Catholic Education Office documents

  • School Administrative Handbook – Enrolment Application and Support Procedures For students requiring significant educational adjustments

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  • Australian Catholic Schools Why We Have Them? What They Aim To Achieve? (1996)
  • Top 10 Challenges in Catholic Education (1996)

Queensland Catholic Education Commission

  • Positioning Statement - Inclusive practices in Catholic schools in Queensland (August 2014)

Policy Number DEC 06_15 Date originally accepted June, 2006
Approved by Diocesan Education Council Date Updated 08 December, 2015