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Education Employment Expo

On Thursday 27 July, Townsville Catholic Education will be hosting an Education Expo at The Ville, Resort Casino. This is the second year this event will take place.  

This event will showcase the opportunities and benefits that are available within our system and highlight education pathways. There will be more info on:

  • Our regions and as well as incentives and leadership opportunities
  • Pathway to teaching information including universities, second careers, trade links
  • Learning & Teaching information including a Professional Development opportunity to attend prior to the expo and information about mentoring and support offered
  • Recruitment opportunities and staff benefits

We invite you to come along to this free event! 

1:30 - 2:30pm: Private sessions for Catholic students in years 10, 11 and 12 to learn about university options and careers in education
4:30 - 5:30pm:
FREE Professional Development session with Aaron Tait, Co-founder of Education Changemakers. Aaron's session is titled: "Finding your purpose in life in the age of AI". 
5:30 - 7:00pm: Education Expo with complimentary canapes and information on working in our organisation, and study and pathway options. 

Register for the FREE PD here! 

About the session: Finding your purpose in life in the age of AI.

The world is changing, faster than ever.

What hasn’t changed, however, is our desire as human beings for purpose, connection and meaning.

At this special event hosted by Townsville Catholic Education, Aaron will facilitate an engaging session focused on helping you find, clarify or refresh your life’s purpose in the age of AI.

Expect to learn about:

  • Insights into the cutting edge of future focused education and AI.
  • Discussions around generational trends and how they may impact both job seekers and employers in 2023.
  • Practical ways for schools and educators to adapt to new technologies that will become mainstream in the coming years.
  • Important ethical considerations for educators, students and parents to engage with in this time of flux.

Be prepared to learn about positive intellectual disruptions, practical new tools and new ideas to share around the staff room or at your next BBQ!

About the speaker:

Aaron is the Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder of Education Changemakers by Go1, and is their innovation and design-thinking specialist. He brings future-focused learning, entrepreneurial pedagogy and highly creative practices to his workshops and support offerings.

Aaron is the lead author with Dave Faulkner of books ‘Edupreneur’ and ‘Dream Team’, and works closely with education specialists to fuse best-practice innovation approaches with the unique realities of K-12 education.

He holds three master’s degrees, is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and brings a diverse leadership and entrepreneurial skill-set to workshops based on seven years as a decorated military officer, a decade of humanitarian work in education projects across Africa and the Asia Pacific, and experience co-founding the globally renowned impact entrepreneurship organisation Aaron is the creator of Microsoft’s global AI for Good Challenge, and has advised Microsoft on future-focused education since 2015.