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Bringing Innovation and Functionality to Prep Classrooms at St Francis Catholic School, Ayr

31 May 2024 | Posted in Learning and Teaching

Bringing Innovation and Functionality to Prep Classrooms at St Francis Catholic School, Ayr

Amanda Jones

By Amanda Jones


St Francis Catholic School, Ayr

St Francis Catholic School in Ayr is proud to announce the completion of our newly refurbished Prep classrooms, designed by i4 Architecture and constructed by Simon Bell Construction. 

The project, fully funded by the school, aims to create a modern and functional learning environment for our youngest students. The design brief for the project was to create a space that would support the age-appropriate pedagogy of the school. This includes incorporating a range of teaching methods and resources to engage young learners and achieve effective learning outcomes. The result? A classroom space that is not only visually appealing, but also facilitates a variety of learning activities. 

Some features of the new Prep classrooms include a raised stage for interactive learning experiences, a reading nook cut out in the wall for quiet reading time, and open display shelving to showcase the students' work. 

The classrooms also boast an abundance of storage, allowing for a clutter-free and organised learning environment. 

One of the main objectives of the refurbishment was to provide a conducive environment for inside/outside learning and activities. This means that students can now access resources such as paint easels, blocks, water troughs, and construction materials at any time throughout the day. This not only promotes independent learning but also encourages our students to be creative and engaged in their learning experiences

The classroom layout has also been carefully considered to allow for continuity of practice as students transition from Kindergarten to Prep. This is particularly important during the first term of school, as the students are adjusting to their new learning environment. With a familiar layout and resources, this transition can be made smoother for both students and teachers. 

As an added touch, the two prep classrooms have been given themes to create an even more immersive learning experience. One classroom has a Reef theme, complete with underwater murals and coral reef-inspired soft furnishings. The other classroom has a Rainforest theme, with lush greenery painted on the walls and flexible seating options to match. These themes not only make the classrooms visually appealing but also tie in with the school's focus on environmental awareness and sustainability. 

We believe in developing students' critical and creative thinking skills, including imagination and risk-taking abilities. This is a vital part of the Australian Curriculum, and the new Prep classrooms are designed to support this objective. By fostering students' curiosity about the world around them, we hope to nurture their love for learning and set them on the path to success. 

The completion of this refurbishment project represents our commitment to providing the best possible learning environment for our students. We are excited to see how the new Prep classrooms will benefit our young learners and help them reach their full potential.

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