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What is it Like Teaching in Townsville

1 December 2022 | Posted in Learning and Teaching

What is it Like Teaching in Townsville

What Is It Like Teaching in Townsville?

Thinking about making the career switch to teaching in Townsville? Perhaps you’re already teaching in another city in Queensland or around Australia?

Townsville’s population growth is well ahead of the national average, which means that teaching jobs are in high demand. If you’re looking for a career change, or just a tree or sea change, Townsville is a worthy contender for Australia’s best city for teachers. In this article, we’ll take a look at the attractive opportunities and perks that a teaching job in Townsville has to offer.

It’s Warm – All Year Round!

Well, you wouldn’t be a Townsville local if we didn’t talk about the weather.

Townsville offers an unbeatable climate all year round, which makes it the perfect place to live and teach. The average temperate is around 28 degrees Celsius in summer and rarely drops below 18 degrees Celsius in the winter. Warm days and long mild nights mean that you’ll be able to teach in the outdoors all year round, while also making the most of the warm weather and mild evenings after school hours.

Townsville isn’t just warm, it’s also sunny. With over 300-days of sunshine per year, Townsville’s stable climate means that you and your students will be able to enjoy recess, lunchtime, and afterschool activities with minimal disruptions.

It’s Backed by History – More Than 150-Years of It

Townsville Catholic Education (TCE) encompasses 29 catholic schools and employing more than 2,200 staff throughout the Diocese. TCE believes we can achieve quality student outcomes by providing support services to our Catholic school communities.

TCE mission dates back to 1873, when the sisters of St Joseph established a primary school on The Strand in North Ward.

As a teacher in the Townsville Catholic Schools system, you’ll be writing your name in the history books and playing a key role in the way that our next generation learns and grows through education.

It’s Progressive – We’re Always Moving Forward

With more than 150 years in the bank, you’d think that things would stay the same – but you couldn’t be further from the truth! Becoming a teacher at Townsville Catholic Education means that you will be responsible for putting your own unique touches on the education experience of our students. Our dedicated and experienced staff are progressive and never afraid to answer the hard questions or back down from a challenge. We teach perseverance and determination, and it starts from the top down with our inspirational teaching community.

It’s Fun – Education is innovative in Townsville Catholic Schools

Teachers in the Townsville Catholic school communities are committed to giving students an enjoyable and memorable learning experience. We believe that education must be fun and engaging to get the very best out of students. As teachers in TCE, you’ll be a torchbearer for fun, engaging, and immersive learning experiences that guide students towards the best outcome.

From hands-on activities to interactive online classes, our teachers strive to create an environment where learning is fun, engaging, and rewarding.

TCE teachers are amongst the most technologically progressive in Australia. From remote learning, through to interactive learning sessions, we introduce our students to emerging technologies to help them better understand and apply knowledge. In addition, teachers are tasked with sparking creativity and exploration through a wide range of digital and traditional activities.

It’s Easy to Wind Down – Weekends Mean Recharging

If you’re looking for work-life balance, look no further than Townsville! Whether you want to explore the city’s cultural attractions, relax in nature, or get active in the outdoors, Townsville has something for everyone.

Take a stroll along The Strand on the shores of Cleveland Bay, enjoy nearby restaurants, cafes, and attractions on a weekend. If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous you can jump on a ferry from Townsville to Magnetic Island. This national treasure is a gateway to scenic walks, crystal clear waters, and wildlife spotting galore.

Townsville is a great place for families to settle down and create lasting memories. With beautiful beaches, spectacular sunsets, and endless attractions, it’s easy to see why a teaching job in Townsville provides a perfect balance between career and lifestyle.

Find out how a teaching job in Townsville can take your teaching career to the next level with Townsville Catholic Education. Check out our careers page to learn more about our diverse, passionate, and inclusive workforce.

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